• Ashvini Menon

Poem on Uniqueness

(Above, a landscape I created after penning down the poem.)

Every single person, including yourself is very very unique.

You all started different. You were born with very different set of privileges -

materialistic privileges, genetic privileges, opportunities that came as privileges and even life-experiences that molded you into what you have become.

This establishes that every single person, including yourself is very very unique.

But you all want to prove yourselves. So you all run the race.

But how will a race be fair? When you all were built differently?

When you are all skilled differently?

When you all had different opportunities of preparation?

A fair race, will therefore, never be possible.

So should you discard the race all together?

Oh no, you shouldn't discard the race.

Because then, you will go down a spiral of finding life purpose-less.

You will find no worth in doing what you do.

Do run the race.

But take away all those 'competitors & role-models' in your mind

and replace them with 'past-versions of your own self'.

Do run the race.

But take away all the current audiences that include your colleagues, family, friends, strangers. Replace them too, with 'past-versions of your own self'.

Now with just your 'past-versions' running besides you

and your 'past-versions' observing you, you have only yourself to prove your worth to.

They alone are your true competitors & cheerleaders because, they alone know how far you have come. They will know when you could have done better

or when you truly gave it your all.

So go, run for just for yourself . Run like no other person, but you, belong in that stadium.

Let the race be yours, let this life be truly yours.

The certificate of approval & worth is always yours to sign and yours to receive!

Tell this to everyone else.

Because, every single person, including you is very very unique.

And if you are being an audience for someone else's race today - don't forget that every single person, just like you is very very unique.

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