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UX Design for Microsoft Bing Answers

Client Name & Place :

Microsoft, Hyderabad, India


Information Technology

Project Release Year:


Project Duration:

1 Year


Concept, UI Design, UX Design

Bing Answers existed on the Desktop Browser. I iterated on and created final designs for Answers on (Bing on Mobile Browser), Cortana for Desktop, Cortana for Mobile, Proactive and Reactive scenarios. These were created using the Microsoft Metro Design Language for Windows 10. The process of graceful degradation was followed.

The following are canvas answers created:

Calculator, Converter, Translator, My Stocks, My Flights, Tech Answers, Code Answers [Desktop & Mobile]

I also helped iterating and creating designs for New Answer Scenarios for These included - Cricket, Education, Offers, Music and queries on Windows 10 Features.

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