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UX Design for Cortana Scenarios

Client Name & Place :

Microsoft, Hyderabad, India


Information Technology

Project Release Year:


Project Duration:

1 Year


Concept, UX Design, UI Design

I worked on designing scenarios for Cortana. One of them was 'Surprise Me' which is a series of riddle's Cortana is asking its users. 3 Modified Images for these riddles and a delightful GIF animation for the final reveal of the answer have been created for these scenarios. The scenario was very well received and talked about. I created the design and images required for the riddles. The three screens of the riddles are shared below.

Cortana scenarios used various combinations such as Image and Text, Only Text, Text + Image + Action link and Text + Action link for Cortana's other features. I also worked on proposing ideas for First Run Cortana Scenarios for Windows 10. The designs were created using the Microsoft Metro Design Language.

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