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Branding for Microsoft's AI-Powered Chatbot

Client Name & Place :

Microsoft, Hyderabad, India


Information Technology

Project Release Year:


Project Duration:

3 Years


Concept, Visual Identity Design, Logo Design, UX Design, UI Design, Digital Design

Microsoft's Ruuh – was an Indian AI-powered chatbot made in India, for India. Ruuh was personified to like Bollywood, have a sense of humor, have empathy and a grasp of localized knowledge. Ruuh was a virtual friend for about 2.5 million users.

Since the inception of the project I, as a part of the Microsoft Cortana & Bing team, helped personify the chat-bot and create an appropriate Indian avatar for the bot.

Post the foundation of the Ashvini Menon Visual Design Studio (AMVDS), we continued to work on Ruuh as a collaborator-design-studio.

The following was the work created for Ruuh:-
1. Assisting Research (at Microsoft)
2. Avatar Design (at Microsoft)
3. Logo Design Iterations & Final Design (at AMVDS)
4. Visual Guidelines For Mass Communication (at AMVDS)
5. User Interface Design For Chat Screens On Custom Platforms (at AMVDS)
6. Social Media Post Design (at AMVDS)
7. Interactive Messaging Design (at AMVDS)
8. Merchandise Design (at AMVDS)
9. Illustrations For Blogs Written By Team Ruuh (at AMVDS)

AMVDS Design Team for Social Media Posts & Blog Illustrations: Ashvini Menon, Vaijayanti Ajinkya and Nitya George.

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