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Book Design for HLC School

Client Name & Place :

Stories For Change Studios, Chennai, India



Project Release Year:


Project Duration:

2.5 Months


Design Concept, Illustration, Layouts

We were approached by Stories For Change (SFC) Studios to design a book that carried an inspiring history of the HLC school in Chennai. We were glad to have been able to add some small touches of thoughtful design in the book such as the timeline bar to indicate the year of the events discussed and an introspection area at the end of every chapter. The cover is an optical illusion of the roosters (the school’s symbol) and a smiling young child. The illustrations are inspired by the early hand drawings of Mrs. Sudha Mahesh (a very passionate teacher and the school’s founder), herself. The color scheme was kept minimal to emphasis on the photography. Special thanks to team SFC and HLC for their encouragement and belief in us.

AMVDS Team: Ashvini Menon & Siddhi Jadhav

Book Concept & Production: Stories For Change (SFC) Studios, Chennai

Photography: SFC & Sreenag Studios, Chennai

Printing: Compuprint, Chennai

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