Technecon Healthcare

Founded in 1998, Technecon Healthcare is one of India’s most trusted healthcare consultancy firms. One of their key roles is to weigh how feasible would the establishment of a hospital be, when, a doctor, a trust or any other individual envisions setting it up.

The months spent in deriving the identity for this organization involved a lot of back and forth as we weighed how the graphic elements we proposed spread equally well across all media and conveyed the values they stood for.

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AMVDS Team: Ashvini Menon, Nitya George and Jui Karhadkar

Special Thanks to Inputs Provided by Industry Experts: Akash Mahajan Sir, Gangadharan Menon Sir, Dr. Pravina Pawar, Dr. Pratiksha Pawar, Dr. Aishwarya Lachake, Dr. Sneha Shinde, Dr. Sahitra Ghurye, Dr. Nirbha Ghurye, Shweta Humnabadkar, Rasagy Sharma, Garima Sharma and Ganesh Singh Thakur

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