Community Forest Rights

The Community Forest Rights Act Movement spread across 28 villages around Dahanu in Maharashtra, not only raising awareness among the villagers about their rights to the forest land but gets them to actively plan for protecting their forests. The forest gives them major and minor produce helping them sustainably gain their livelihood. It also guides them around planting trees and managing them, checking dams, bunding and check soil erosion.

At the heart of this movement is Mr. Brian Lobo who selflessly works towards helping the villagers reaching these goals. They required a symbol to be recognized by the villagers.

We arrived at the symbol after many iterations were created. This symbol that was eventually selected via popular votes in the village. Trees exemplify growth and strength. The forest symbolizes the nurturing of a mother. The hand symbolizes generosity, hospitality, and stability.

Below are photographs provided to us by Mr. Lobo, that show the symbol being used on various media, by the community.

AMVDS Team: Ashvini Menon and Vaijayanti Ajinkya

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