Sarvalokaa Social Media

Chettinad - Sarvalokaa Education is an international IGCSE Cambridge (Waldorf) School in Chennai. The school has day-school and week-boarding facilities. The school stresses on having an inclusive global outlook, while also being grounded with the help of an Indian value systems.

The following are social media posts designed for them. We required the school to have some interactive posts and display content apart from in-class photographs that the school had already been posting. Therefore, we created ten different verticals, each of these would be regularly repeated with new content.

We also created other media for the school including their identity. Kindly visit the links below:-
Identity Design:
Bag Design:
Poster Design:'s-christmas-carnival
Greeting Card Design:'s-christmas-carnival---greeting
Tee Shirt Design:
Website Design:

AMVDS Team: Ashvini Menon, Jui Karhadkar and Nitya George

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